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As the course project of T509 (Massive: the future of learning at scale) at HGSE, I’ll use about 2 months to explore different MOOCs platforms, to find out an answer to the question: “How do MOOCs support ‘English as a Second Language” participants? And how do they not?”. I’ll work with Valerie at HarvardX and hope my findings would bring something useful to them.

I feel excited and lucky for the opportunity that “international student” is regarded as an advantage. 🙂

Valerie gave me a list of names of 9 platforms, including the famous EdX and Coursera as well as some platforms that not very famous (at least in China, e.g. iversity, JANUX and so on). I selected 18 courses from the platforms and try to explore different subjects. I have put up a list of 11 factors to look at, from the default language of the website to the dynamic of discussion forums of a certain course. It’s kind of ambitious goal for me, and hope I will finish the task on time!


1 thought on “Explore MOOCs

  1. Hey Stella! This sounds like a great project, and I’m really curious to see what you will conclude. What will your answers to the questions be based on? Will they be based on your personal experiences with the courses, or is there a rubric you will rate the courses against?

    I like the broad selection of courses, and how your selection encompasses courses that are specific to the English language (Supporting English language learners under new standards).

    Good luck with your project!


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