T-509: Massive

T509- Massive: Online Network Participation Rubric

Personal Compass (describe your personal learning objectives for the course)

I’m interested in online education and would like to learn more about how to build a learning community online. MOOCs and other massive learning platforms are important tools/approaches to build such community. So my objective is to understand the philosophy and strategy of designing, making and managing a massive learning community.

Participation Commitments (briefly describe the type and frequency of activities that you will commit to doing)

It’s a quite new and interesting experience for me to find out that using social media is required for some courses. When I was in China, every time I decided to devote myself to study, I would block the access to all kinds of social media platforms: Sina Weibo (Chinese Twitter), Renren.com (Chinese Facebook) and WeChat. Those are my time killers! But here, using twitter, blog, and Google community… is a must! Though it is not hard to understand the rationale behind it, it’s still not easy to get used to it. Not to mention writing a lot in a second language!

I am eager to join the community of T509 and TIE, while not pushing myself to hard. I would like to join Twitter discussions, post blogs, and explore the internet for interesting resource and share with others.

Participation Rubric




10/8 Revised Rubric

How time flies! It’s been almost one month since the last version of rubric. I did post on twitter and share articles with classmates, however, I still don’t know where to start with the blog.

Taking my capacity and Justin’s advice into consideration, I think I’d better refine my rubric.


Criteria Goals Exceeds Expectation Meets Expectation Underperforms Expectation
Twitter Explore and share interesting findings with others. Join the discussion with T509 More than 3 tweets and participate actively in #t509massive discussions Focusing on the topic of that week. Find one post that provides backgrounds, one that talks about current trends and maybe one about the opposite opinions. So that I could use Twitter as a learning platform.Get someone reply or retweet at least one of my tweets, so that I could know I succeed in “sharing”. Less than three post per week.
Blog To push myself to reflect and record my own thoughts.Also for sharing. More than 2 blogs per month and get people comments on my articles. Two blogs per month. One is oringinal.The other one could be reflection based on others’ articles. Or, I can translate one interesting article in Chinese into English. So that I can get myself updated about what is going on in China, also share it with others. Blogs should be in English. Less that two blogs per month.

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